At GEAR, we are aware that our business operations have an impact on the environment and the community, and that it is our duty to ensure that this impact is favourable. Additionally, we believe that operations need to be efficient and long-lasting in order to generate long-term value. As a result, we are committed to being responsible in our business practises by integrating environmental, social, and governance ("ESG") factors into our decision-making and operational procedures.


The goal of Gear is to drive a sustainable business, not just by achieving green growth on our own but also by empowering our customers and suppliers to do the same. We must lessen our impact on the environment and fight climate change for the benefit of our clients, our company, and the entire world.  In order to help the environment and minimise carbon footprints, we are pioneering the use of lithium-ion material handling equipment in India. We are also glad to work with new clients as they pursue Zero Emissions.


At GEAR, we make sure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect, helping them to achieve their goals and dreams while appreciating diversity in the workplace. We are committed to guaranteeing equal opportunity in all areas of employment and do not engage in or condone illegal workplace behaviour, such as intimidation, harassment, or discrimination. Since we support equality of opportunity, we have already established a standard for the sector by placing female and transgender operators at numerous client sites.


At GEAR, we communicate with stakeholders in an open, sincere, and polite manner. We are dedicated to timely and meaningful communication with all individuals or parties associated with our business, including shareholders, customers, workers, peoples, regulators, and governments, and we adhere to all applicable compliance requirements.