GEAR is the only Private Equity funded MHE (i.e. Material Handling Equipment) company in India and is a leader in MHE Rentals and also in Zero Emission Lithium-ion MHEs. We have the privilege of the trust of 125+ customers and have expertise in both Opex (Rental) as well as Capex (Sale) of MHEs.

The Rental model consists of Dry Lease (without operator) and Wet Lease (with Operator).

Under the Wet Lease model, we handle all of your MHE requirements, from forklift operation to routine maintenance. This makes sure that our clients can concentrate on their key strengths while we handle the logistics.

For better administration of the workforce and the fleet's equipment, GEAR offers operators in addition to technicians, helpers, and site heads.

Under NIFOT, GEAR operators receive training on the required safety procedures to be followed while operating a machine as well as on behavioural considerations (National Institute of Forklift Operator Training). NIFOT certifies every GEAR operator before they are all deployed at customer locations.

Long-term rentals provide the best equipment and more financial freedom. The advantages of long-term rental include the following:

  • Convert capital costs to monthly company expenses that are more flexible.
    Convert capital costs to monthly company expenses that are more flexible. Rental offers the option of modest inputs in the form of monthly rent rather than making a huge capital investment in equipment all at once. As a result, businesses have greater financial flexibility and are able to make investments in their core operations.Fixed Payments, No Unexpected Maintenance Costs

    Preventive maintenance is included in long-term rental agreements. Thus, there are relatively few opportunities for unpleasant shocks, ensuring that the expenses of material handling equipment are stable and predictable.

  • Guaranteed 95% Uptime
    To guarantee the highest levels of productivity, GEAR promises a 95% uptime rate.
  • Reduces the trouble of hiring and training staff
    Operators, technicians, supervisors, helpers, and site heads are all covered by long-term leasing agreements under Wet Lease. GEAR handles the hiring, training, and administration of each of these individuals, saving our clients the burden.
  • Top-notch machinery with cutting-edge technology
    Long-term rentals allow businesses the chance to always be on the cutting edge of technology. When choosing a rental model, the business can upgrade to the newest technology (Lithium-ion) because the equipment is not an asset of the business.

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