How to Rent the Right Heavy Duty Forklift

Do More with Less
when you rent the right heavy duty forklift

When it comes to managing large scale projects, it is as important to choose the right machinery and equipment as it is to choose the right people. This becomes all the more important when we are talking about equipment such as forklifts, the hands-down rugged workhorses in many industries – from construction and shipping to warehousing. Essentially used to move heavy materials, these forklifts can also help you raise and lower materials to precisely where they need to be, and can help to save both man power and man hours, when used in the right manner.

Heavy duty forklifts require a huge capital investment, and this is why it makes a lot more sense to rent one instead. But even when you are renting, it helps to understand the various factors that can influence the performance and output it offers, so that you can get the most out of your machine. Given the various technology and design updates that keep happening, it is worth considering that even a small unassuming change could have a huge impact on your operational cost and productivity. So without wasting much time, here’s a quick guide on how you can narrow down to the best forklifts for you.

Top factors to consider when renting a heavy duty forklift

Not all heavy duty forklifts are the same, and there are a variety of specialized forklifts designed for specific tasks. Your forklift has to be a perfect match for the application you need it for. So apart from the size and power source, you will be able to easily eliminate a huge chunk of seemingly appropriate forklifts on rent when you look at each of the below parameters.

1Load Capacity & Lift Height

This factor requires a fair deal of consideration, as your heavy duty forklift should be able to lift the loads you want to move around. For this, you would need to choose a load capacity higher than the maximum load weight that you anticipate. It is also a good idea to consider the width of your loads, and whether you need any additional attachment to help you to pick and move your load in a more efficient manner.

Just as with the load capacity, the lift height you want is also important. You’d need to look at any height restrictions or overhead obstructions if any and choose one accordingly. Please note that the lift height can also have a bearing on the load capacity.

2Tyre Type

The selection of tyres will largely be dictated by the work environment – whether it is indoor or outdoor and the type of terrain – whether it is smooth or rough. The right tyre selection can have an important role to play in operational safety. Heavy Duty forklifts commonly use either pneumatic or solid tyres.

Pneumatic tyres are filled with compressed air, and are preferred for outdoor operations that involve heavy duty lifting, as they work well on different types of terrains such as gravel, asphalt or even unpaved terrains. However, as with regular truck tyres, these could also be punctured. Solid tyres, on the other hand are super durable, and they won’t puncture or go flat even in a rough terrain which can have sharp metal or nails on the ground.

3On Site Support

This is a very important aspect to consider when renting out a heavy duty forklift. Given that accidents can happen and unexpected issues could crop up anytime, your rental forklift provider should be able to offer prompt onsite support and maintenance, should the need arise. But even when your machines are working fine, your rental provider should regularly service the forklifts to keep them working in optimum condition.

You should therefore check for the availability of trained technicians or a replacement option in case your machine breaks down. This is important, as you do not want to waste valuable time and money on avoidable project delays.

At GEAR, we understand the business impact of renting well maintained and technologically up-to-date machines and it goes without saying that our team will always be there to assist you in finding the ideal heavy duty forklift that meets your business needs and your budget. We spend time to understand your requirements in detail, before suggesting the best match for your job.