Important factors to consider when you lease a forklift

Leasing equipment is a good alternative to purchasing, for the sheer flexibility that it offers. Acquiring a forklift on lease provides convenience for companies not looking for Capex investment. Whether it is to supplement a fleet or complete a particular job, renting a forklift can be more practical and cost efficient for your business.

When sourcing for equipment rental companies, keep in mind these 5 factors for finding the best, most budget-friendly forklift on lease for your company:

1. The Right Tool for the Right Job

Owning a forklift can force you to make do with it even if it doesn’t fulfil the specific requirement of the job. Outsourcing ensures that the right equipment is always available. Short term forklift rentals, in this case, can help you to meet special requirements during an instance.

2. Condition of available forklifts for rent

Checking the condition of the equipment before taking it on lease is imperative. Is it well-maintained and running smoothly or is there any damage from previous use? Gear India offers forklifts on lease which are periodically inspected for the safety and convenience of the customer.

3. Post Rental Support

All rental companies will offer you a functioning forklift for rent, but not all companies provide repairs and solutions in case of emergency. Gear India provides reliable after-rental services to ensure the best customer satisfaction. It also carries a variety of forklift rentals with a number of features to best meet your long-term and short-term requirements.

4. Length of job/budget

Gear India provides an invoice showing exactly how much you spent using your outsourced equipment. This provides excellent information when tracking costs of any job, and also allows you to keep the cost under control, if needed.

5. The maximum weight to be lifted

The first question you need to ask yourself when deciding to choose a forklift on lease is the weight of your load. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of renting a forklift only to realise it doesn’t have the ability to lift your cargo. Determine the maximum weight you would need to lift with the forklift and rent a forklift that supports that capacity. Contact Gear India to have customised options for your requirement.

It is important that you have a full understanding of the leasing terms as well as the company you are leasing from before signing agreements. Thoroughly investigate their maintenance standards to ensure you are aligned in needs and services.