Material Handling Equipment in India: Importance and Objective

Material handling is an integral part of every industry. It is an essential component of any successful warehouse. Material handling can improve customer service by making products easy to find, move, and ship out, cut costs by reducing the amount of time spent moving the productsand reduce product damages by properly transporting your products. It also ensures increased safety from permanent and temporary disabilities.

Importance of Material handling equipment:

The basic importance of material handling equipment is to choose the most appropriate material handling equipment which is safe and can fulfill your requirements. Apart from this it should also be cost effective.

In general, the functions of good material handling equipment include:

  1. Using the principles of containerization unit load or cartelization, aim at moving optimum number of pieces in one unit.
  2. Employing mechanical aids in place of manual labor in order to speed up the material movements.
  3. Minimizing the movement involved in a production operation.
  4. Utilizing gravity for assisting materials movements wherever possible.
  5. To economizing handling and to reduce damage to the materials in transit.

Objective of Material handling equipment:

The main objectives of material handling equipment are as follows:

1. Facilitate the reduction in material damage: Damage prevention in the supply chain is a high priority for warehouse managers and transportation operators. They strive to reduce their cost of doing business by looking at the root cause of incidents where products are devalued or destroyed. As part of the industry, you look for best practices on how to prevent damage. Gear India has customized solutions which will help in reducing cost incurred through material damage.

2. Low on maintenance and breakdown costs: Gear India’s Equipment Service fees include full maintenance. No spare parts, no repair shop, no mechanics are needed. We have a replacement policy at no extra cost eventually saving your capital and time.

3. The right tool for the right job: Owning equipment can force you into a “make do” situation if the tool in question doesn’t meet specific requirements for the job. Gear India can help you with rental solutions to meet special requirements.

4. Improve productivity and efficiency: Material handling directly impacts productivity in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. An inefficient facility causes errors and delays, eroding customer loyalty and making it easier for your competition to snatch away business. For expert advice and solutions on material handling contact Gear India.

5. Better utilization of time and equipment: Work-study aspects, such an elimination of unnecessary movements and a combination of processes should be considered while installing a material handling system.

To ensure proper coordination through judicious selection of material handling equipment, get in touch with Gear India.