Selecting the best Forklift Attachments for better productivity

Getting the most done in the least amount of time is the mantra for every modern workplace. The same applies to those in the Material Handling Industry, where efficiency and accuracy are very important. Forklifts play a very crucial part in the Material Handling Industry. However, without their attachments, it is impossible to move certain loads. A forklift attachment helps to optimize performance, increase forklift productivity and meet specific needs and requirements for your jobsite.

With the availability of several forklift attachments in the market, it is difficult to choose the correct attachment for your machine. Right attachments can enhance productivity, reduce damage and lessen accidents.

Here are some forklift attachments offered by GEAR India that will help increase workplace productivity and efficiency:

1. Bale Clamp: This attachment can be used to carry baled products. It is majorly used in industries like farming and agriculture, paper recycling and packaging, manufacturing of textile and synthetic materials.

2. Rotator: These attachments are available in 180°, and 360° rotation allowing your truck to efficiently rotate the load. They are suitable for different types of machines and are commonly used in construction, food, and beverage.

3. Side Shifter: A side-shifter allows a particular load to be moved from left or right within a given span. It can shift loads in tight spaces.

4. Fork Positioner: A fork positioner allows you to move the forks closer or apart. The use of this attachment removes manual intervention and reduces the damage to pallets.

5. Carton Clamp:These kinds of clamps are majorly used to handle white goods, electronic appliances. They are engineered in such a manner, that your sensitive goods are not damaged in the moving process.

6. Fork Extension: As the name goes, these are special kinds of attachments that are used as extensions to your forks. They are attached to the regular forks to increase lifting capacity, stability, and reach.

7. Push-pull attachment: Cost-effective and space-saving slip-sheets usually made of plastic or cardboard are used in these kinds of attachments. It can easily be attached to any standard forklift making it easier for your goods to get loaded and transferred.

8. Double Deep: Double deep attachments with telescopic forks are used in warehouses where large pallets are handled. These help in increased storage capacity with selective racking options.

For best solutions in forklift attachments that boost your productivity, contact GEAR India.