Why Do You Need a Long-Term Forklift Rental?

When it comes to forklifts and other material handling equipment, there are several options for you to take advantage of when you need to utilize a forklift. Some options are purchasing, leasing and renting. The question is to buy or rent one? Getting a forklift on rent is more profitable than buying. The reason is simple. Long-term forklift rentals free up your working capital, if you are intending on making other large purchases for your company. Also, when it comes to long-term renting, you don’t own the asset, you have no overhead and no long-term acquisition commitment to consider.

GEAR India has customised rental solutions for your material handling equipment requirement. When you get a forklift on rent from GEAR, you get a full 360-degree Equipment Service solution, wherein they perform a high-quality service, using Equipment best suited to your needs.

There are quite a few scenarios where long-term forklift rentals can be a good option for you.

1. Pay for what you use

Long-Term Rental agreements are based upon the hours and operating conditions under which you expect to use the equipment. Unlike purchasing equipment, where you are paying for 100% of an asset (which depreciates), you pay based upon the equipment’s expected usage rate.

2. Fixed payments, no maintenance surprises

Long-Term Rental agreements typically include normal maintenance.  So, there are very less chances of unpleasant surprises and you can keep your material handling costs consistent and predictable.

3.Top Quality Equipment

The competitive marketplace means manufacturers are turning out faster and better equipment. With GEAR you have the flexibility to hire/de-hire top quality equipment as per your requirement.

4.Own Only What You Need

No contractor wants his equipment to lie idle. Getting a forklift on rent resolves such problems. The availability of top-quality rentals means you can buy the equipment you use most often and more specialized tools can be rented as needed, thus minimizing idle time and capital.

5.No Extra Costs

This is one of the promising reasons to rent forklift. You don’t have to pay personal property taxes or license costs attached to rented equipment which add to the price of ownership.

6.Increase Your Borrowing Power

Outsourced equipment doesn’t show up as a liability on a contractor’s bottom line. Your banker will love it, and you will have more leverage in securing the bonds necessary for construction work.

Considering all the above factors, it is best for a contractor to go ahead with long term rental facility for their material handling requirement. Get in touch with GEAR India for cost effective and hassle-free service on material handling equipment.