Why is Forklift Operator training important?

Forklifts are large industrial trucks used to move materials efficiently and without damage. Operating this machine needs the right expertise and knowledge. Forklifts are widely needed across various industries to handle their operations effectively and quickly. Hence, it is important for companies to provide their forklift operators with the appropriate equipment and training.

In spite of following the safety guidelines set by organizations, like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), accidents can occur due to negligence, inadequate training, unskilled operators,and faulty equipment.All forklift operators should know the basic principles of lifting the load. They should also know how to deal with a specific type of forklift and all its safety features. Every forklift operator must know how to control the vehicle and be aware of any malfunctioning parts. Hence proper training becomes an important requirement for forklift operators.

Here are some important reasons to have trained forklift operators as a part of your team:

1. Safety: The safety of forklift operators should be the utmost priority of every Material handling company. The risk of accidents is high, if the forklift operator does not have the right safety training. Proper forklift safety training is an optimal way to curtail accidents.

2. Lesser Loss and damage: Forklift accidents can result in costly damages to your inventory as well as machines. Well-trained and certified operators can minimize such unwanted losses by handling the machinery and goods correctly. They can even turn out to be useful in maintaining the machines and increasing their lifespan.

3. Advantageous and time-saving: Employing skilled operators is always advantageous for the company as they can deliver all kinds of goods and operate multiple machines eventually saving a lot of capital and time.

4. Understanding of the machine: Competent and well-trained forklift drivers are accustomed to the trucks. If need be, they can even do the troubleshooting by themselves and save you the day.

GEAR India has its training center “NIFOT”, National Institute for Operator Training to address the training needs of GEAR and its customers.

NIFOT’s training program is in compliance with “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” (OSHA) standards and emphasizes on:


  • Safety aspects while operating the equipment.
  • Pre and Post operation checklist of the equipment.
  • Practical Training on the equipment.
  • Performance Evaluation of the operators.
  • Preventive maintenance which is critical for efficiency.
  • Regular feedback from the industry to keep our programs abreast with the latest technology and best practices

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